From the Jakarta Post:

Around 5,000 Muslims from various districts across Surakarta gathered at Kotabarat square Friday to declare their fight against terrorism.

A number of Islamic organization and boarding school leaders took turns in denouncing acts of terrorism that had killed hundreds of people in the country.

“Islam doesn’t teach terrorism and terrorism cannot be connected with Islam,” said Ahmad Sukino, who chairs the Koran interpretation assembly.

He called on Muslims to avoid controversy over the use of terror to defend Islam, which he said never condoned acts of violence to justify means.

The rally came a week after counter-terror squad stormed into a house in Surakarta, killing four terror suspects, including most wanted Noordin M. Top, during an exchange of fire.

Wahyuddin, from Al Mukmin Islamic boarding school in Ngruki, Sukoharjo, said he also condemned terrorism. Those who committed acts of terror had misunderstood the objectives of the spread of Islam, which he said should be conducted peacefully.

A number of convicted terrorists studied at the Ngruki boarding school.

During the event, participants unfurled banners that slammed acts of terrorism. Other banners accused the US and Israel as perpetrators of international terrorism.